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KMG Talent Boost


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We are pleased to offer a program developed to give your child the key skills needed to thrive in tomorrows world. The KMG Talent Boost program is designed to boost your child's creativity and confidence by working on their individual strengths and nurturing them as they progress. 

Our program will help your child think outside the box and approach real-life problems in practical ways. At the end of their journey, your child will be a confident young individual ready to take on life's challenges and be tomorrow's leaders. 

Kids in Technology Class



For students from 7 to 11 years old

Our activities are specially designed to provide your child with the essential skills they need to start their journey. As part of the KMG Explorers program they will be confident in:

  • Making observations

  • Classifying objects

  • Using observations to answer questions

  • Ask relevant questions

  • Make predictions



For students from 10 to 15 years old

Once your child has acquired the essential skills needed to start their journey they will now be able to build on what they've learnt and start bringing their ideas to life while acquiring new skills such as:

  • Make predictions based on scientific theories

  • Plan an activity to test an idea

  • Interpret results

  • Evaluate all the evidence

  • Evidence-informed decision making

  • Problem-solving skills

*As part of this program, your child will be enrolled for the bronze crest award

Checking Laptop

KMG Entrepreneurs

For students from 14 years old

Once your child is ready to progress, we will actively support them in bringing their ideas to life. They will receive invaluable skills that will help them flourish throughout their life. As part of their journey they will learn how to:

  • Be organised

  • Negotiate

  • Work in a team

  • Be a leader

  • Manage their time

  • Work towards targets

  • Assess the quality of their work

  • Present their ideas

  • Think outside the box

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